How to change the size and appearance of subtitles on Netflix

Are you having difficulty seeing or reading the subtitles on Netflix? Do you need to change the size or appearance of the subtitles? Look no further, this article will outline the steps needed to change the size and appearance of subtitles on Netflix.

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Subtitles are a very useful tool for those who prefer to watch the best movies and series in languages other than their own. However, most streaming platforms offer very few options for subtitles. customization in terms of the shape and size of subtitles.. But Netflix has taken steps to remedy this.

The user can customize the size, color and shading of the subtitles

The feature is available in the Netflix app on its smartphone and tablet versions, as well as on the web version. Users can adjust the shape and size of the subtitles in the subtitle settings of the platform by following these steps.

How to modify Netflix subtitles

-Select the option “Aspect of subtitles”.

-Choose from three size options: small, medium and large.

-Opt between four styles: white subtitles overprinted directly on the content, white text with slight black shading, black text with white shading, or yellow text with a black background.

The new feature is especially useful for those who are visually impaired. Users who find subtitles too small or too difficult to read now have the option to increase the size and change the font to make them more readable.

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Available Netflix subtitle languages

At the moment the feature is available in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish, with the platform announcing that it plans to add more languages in the future.

However it should be noted that the subtitle customization function is not perfect.. Some users have reported that custom subtitles are sometimes cut off or do not fit correctly on the screen, which can make them difficult to read. Netflix has acknowledged these issues and has claimed to be working on a solution.

The subtitle customization feature joins as Netflix’s customization and accessibility enhancement tool to. the audiodescription option for hearing-impaired users, as well as improved sound quality for those with hearing impairments.

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