How to change the startup animation on Xiaomi with Miui and without root

On this occasion I bring you a tutorial to be able to change the startup of your phonewhether Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco. We are talking about the startup when we turn on our phone, which we can change easily and without being a Root user.

Customize your phone’s power-on animation with Miui

To do this process and change the power on, the only thing we will need is the App Themes. If it does not appear, follow this other tutorial and you will have it in less than 1 minute! (See tutorial to display the Xiaomi Themes app).

  • Once the Miui Themes app is located, we open it and click on the profile button in the lower right corner.
  • We look for the option “customize theme” and enter.

app settings themes

  • Once inside customize theme, we find two options:
  • One that says “boot image” and another that reads “sTARTING SOUND

We will change the startup image, but if you want to change the startup sound when you turn on the phoneare the same steps.

miui boot image

  • Once inside boot image, we will see that we only have the default Miui image.
  • To add new startup effects we just need to go to look for a theme that has this animation customize the startup of your cell phone.
  • Once the theme with the new power-on animation has been downloaded, we can go back and we are already the options we have downloaded will appear previously and we will be able to apply them.

xiaomi startup image

Unfortunately, we can not pass the direct link to the themes that we have added, but we leave you a list of themes that you can search for and that do have power-on animation in Miui (not all themes have). So you will have to search, if you want a more customized one and try it.

These are the themes that DO have the custom animation:

  • Pixel 4 Dark
  • Cyberpunk2077
  • Destro OS
  • Flyme8
  • One UI PRO
  • Z Bluer LineUI Vip
  • ROG mod v12
  • JOY UI 12
  • Lite os V12
  • iOS 14 Beta
  • OxygenOS
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