How to change your Spotify password

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Change your Spotify password periodically It will help you improve the security of your account. It is recommended not to keep the same password for a long time in any digital service to make things more difficult for cybercriminals who might want to access your account.

In fact, every three months you should change all your passwords. In the case of Spotify, to modify the password, you just have to follow this step by step:

Change your Spotify password from your computer

First of all, we will carry out the procedure on a computer, this tutorial is the simplest:

– Enter the Spotify application or website on your computer and click on your profile (upper right corner)

Spotify account

– Several options will be displayed, select “Account”

Login to Spotify account

– Scroll down until you find the “Security and privacy” section and tap “Change password”

Modify Spotify key

– Type the current password you are using and add the new password twice to confirm it in the system. To finish, press “Set new password”

Create new key for Spotify

Change the Spotify password from your mobile phone

Although doing it from your computer is much easier, you can also change your password from your mobile phone.

Before starting, you will need to log out of Spotify, to achieve this, press your profile icon in the upper left corner, tap “Settings and privacy”, scroll down to the bottom and select “Sign out”. Now follow these steps:

– Enter the Spotify app and tap “Sign in”

– Enter your email or Spotify username and click “Get link”

– Go to your email inbox and look for the Spotify message. Tap “Go to Spotify” and choose “Set a new password”

– Add a strong password that is at least eight characters long and choose “Save” to finish the process

How to create a strong password for Spotify

Try to make it a password of eight or more characters so that it is difficult to discover it. Also, make a combination of unrelated uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create a shielded combination.

Remember not to use easily accessible data, such as your birthday, identification number or driver’s license, birthday of your partner or family member, etc.

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