How to check if an unknown Bizum is a scam

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The Bizum platform allows you to send and receive money through a mobile application, and is increasingly popular in Spain and other countries. However, as can happen with any online financial service, there is a risk of falling for a scam or deception on Bizum.

An error in typing the digits of the phone number can cause a Bizum deposit to be sent by mistake.

One such potential scam involves receiving (in appearance) an income, an amount of money that someone else sends that we are not expecting. Although sometimes it can occur by mistake in other occasions. it can hide an attempt to defraud. Here are some tips to check if a Bizum made by a stranger is real or is a scam, for which it is advisable to follow these steps:

How to determine if a Bizum received is a scam attempt.

-Verify the phone number: When you receive a Bizum from a stranger, the first step is to verify the phone number displayed in the application. Make sure that the sender’s phone number matches the phone number that is registered for that contact in your contact list. If the phone number does not match, it could be a sign of a scam.

-Contact the sender: If the phone number matches but doubts still arise it is advisable to contact the sender through a message or a phone call to verify if the Bizum is legitimate. In your case it is advisable to ask about the reason for the payment and request more information to be sure that the transaction is authentic. Sometimes the payment may have been made in error since the information to confirm the payment is based on the cell phone number and the sender of the money may have made a mistake when typing the digits.

-Use the security code: Bizum offers a four-digit security code that must be entered before making a transaction. If you receive a Bizum from a stranger you must ensure that the security code is correct before confirming the transaction. If this security code is not received or if the code received is not correct, it is advisable not to confirm the transaction.

-Do not disclose personal information: Scammers may try to trick you to obtain personal information (bank account number, password…) through a Bizum. Personal information should never be disclosed through Bizum, even if the sender appears legitimate.

-Check the actual receipt of the money: Through the website or the official app of the bank you have to check that you have actually received the income corresponding to the amount of money that from the Bizum app is notified. Since the transfers made through Bizum are instantaneous, it should be immediately recorded.

In case of suspicion of having been a victim of a scam through Bizum, it is important to inform the platform immediately by contacting Bizum through its customer service. It is also necessary to report any suspicious activity to the bank or financial institution, as they may take action to protect the account.

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