How to choose a good web hosting in 2023

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If you want to launch your website, start an online store or any other type of business on the Internet, one of the aspects you will have to pay special attention to is the choice of your hosting service.

Now that you have decided to undertake and have a space on the Internet, you must understand that having the best hosting is essential. Finding a cheap and quality hosting is not easy, that is why in this article we are going to give you the keys to choose the most suitable for your needs.

The first thing is to understand what a hosting service is for and why it is necessary. For Internet users to access your website, all the files that compose it must be located on a server. It can be understood as a computer that is always connected and that will allow users to connect to it through their browser (Chrome, Firefox…) in order to consult your website.

To have a server where to place your web files you will have to hire a hosting service. That is to say, you hire a company a small server space so that your website can be hosted there. There are several types of storage -dedicated, shared…- there are even wordpress hosting with specific functions for web pages created with this CMS.

Choosing one or another will depend on the size of the files you want to store and the traffic you expect to have. In this sense, it is essential that the hosting plan you choose is scalable and flexible to be able to change plan when you need more resources and jump to a VPS, for example.

This flexibility is essential and, of course, bet on the quality of the server, since the more the more stable your service is, the better, so your website will always be accessible and will not suffer crashes or cuts in service.

There are other fundamental aspects that you should also take into account. Among them, the customer service stands out. You never know when you are going to have a problem with your website, so we recommend a Hosting that offers you support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having professionals who are concerned that your website is always active and who speak your language, who are ready to resolve any incident as soon as it occurs, is vital. In those cases the only thing you want is to be helped to solve the problem and in the shortest time possible.

A fast loading web page will result in a better user experience and, in addition, will allow it to rank better in Google. That is why it is advisable that the servers that are hired are in Spain with NVMe disks so that the web loads fast and with Spanish IP.

Another fundamental service is that your hosting provider performs constant backups of your website, on a regular basis. Thus, if any problem arises, you will be able to reinstall a previous version and recover all the information up to that moment. There is nothing worse than suffering an attack and losing the information contained in your website and not being able to recover it.

Finally, if you already have your website in a hosting service and what you want is to look for another one that provides a better service, make sure that your new hosting company is in charge of the whole migration. This is a piece of advice we give you from our own experience. It is not easy to perform a migration yourself and to avoid losing information or delaying the process too much, it is best to have professional help. If your new hosting company takes care of it, this is an additional value to be taken into account.

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