How to choose a strong password [Vídeo]

Choosing a strong password for an online service is not an easy task: it is necessary to keep inventing more Cyber ​​criminals make things difficult and that they cannot get to the password that allows access to our profile on a social network, from where they can extract a lot of information, or worse, to our bank account or other online service with which we are registered.

In the video below we offer the keys to choose a password so that it is completely secure:

However, in addition to the hints we offer in the video, please note that choosing a good password is not enough to ensure online security. You need to consider other aspects that are equally important.

For example, a different password must be used for each online service with which we are registered. When someone is compromised, it is not as easy for cyber criminals to do as testing in the rest of the services we use.

In addition, passwords need to be changed at least every two months, without exception, to make it harder for cybercriminals to work and to start over for those who already have access to our accounts. And of course, you shouldn’t choose any of the most commonly used passwords.

It is true that this can cause a problem when it comes to remembering all the passwords used. This is why it is very useful to have a password manager like LastPass or even Dropbox that offers a service to its users. Even Facebook seems to be developing its own password manager and most internet browsers have their own too.

With these password managers, the credentials are stored on the computer in an encrypted form and no service has any service for them. You only use it to proceed with the login without knowing its contents. In this way we avoid being written in a notebook – accessible to everyone – or in a Word document on our computer, which many users do – wrongly -.

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