How to choose the best color for your digital marketing campaigns

The Color psychology It is the science that studies how different colors affect people’s behavior and mood. This science is part of what is known as “behavioral psychology” and has been called for some time digital marketing technique Improving the performance of campaigns on the Internet.

Colors affect people’s moods and create feelings of urgency, joy, or a sense of luxury and worth

Color is an important factor in graphic design and a crucial factor in web design, application development, book layout and cover design, and the creation of brand logos. This is because color affects the mood and reactions of users.

People associate every color with a sensation, so it is important to understand which color should be used in each moment and in each room. For example:

-Feminine colors: Color psychological studies have shown that women prefer the colors blue, purple and green. At the same time, it was shown that women react poorly to earthy colors and gray.

-Men’s colors: With this in mind, men prefer blue, green, and black, while tending to oppose purple, orange, and brown.

-Color of Trust: Blue is the color most associated with trust, calm, order, and loyalty. It’s a common color in social applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tumblr, as well as on platforms that manage money like PayPal or Mastercard.

-Alarm color: Although you might think that the color that is causing the alarm is red, it is actually yellow. This is because the color yellow activates the fear center of the brain. In fact, the color yellow can cause nausea, which is why it is not used on airplanes.

-Color for nature: How could it be otherwise, the color green is associated with nature and nature. It’s also a color that encourages creativity and action. Green is a good color to use to create a call to action on a webpage, especially when viewed in isolation.

-Color to create a sense of rush: Orange encourages physical activity, competition and self-confidence. Because of this, orange is a color that is widely used by sports brands. In another sense, orange creates a sense of urgency, which is why Amazon uses this color for limited-supply banners.

-Color for luxury: Black is the color that is generally associated with luxury, value and elegance. Big luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, the watch brand Citizen or Lamborghini use them in their logos and in the design of their websites.

-Colors for call to action: In addition to green, any bright primary color is a good choice for creating a call to action. In this sense, the colors that we consider “uglier”, such as: B. purple or yellow, those best preserved in color psychology studies.

-White spaces: Spaces are important in graphic design as they provide “eye rest” that reduces content fatigue for users. A clear example of this use can be found on the Google homepage, which is practically a large blank canvas.

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