How to choose the ideal roller shutter

Most of the time, blinds are one of the most unnoticed elements, but they are the ones that bring freshness, shade, privacy and, why not? a touch of style to the rooms.

Paying a little attention to roller blinds, we may be able to choose those that best suit our needs and style.

Types of roller shutters

Depending on where we need to use them, it will be convenient to choose one or another type of roller shutter.

Generally speaking, roller blinds can be divided into 4 types:

Roller Blinds Alicantinas

So called because they were born in that area and are characteristic of the Spanish Levante. They are made of wooden or plastic slats joined together. Due to their structure, they are perfect for outdoors because they block the light and let the air pass between the slats. They are also widely used in interiors and as a screen.

For outdoor areas, recommends those of plastic, as it is more resistant to inclement weather. In addition, maintenance is very simple. Just wipe the slats with a damp cloth from time to time to remove dirt and dust, and they will remain in perfect condition for many years.

Wood, on the other hand, is more elegant and provides a variety of designs, although it will need to be varnished or painted occasionally to keep it looking like new.

Mat Roller Blinds

This type of blinds are more delicate than the previous ones, as they are formed by thin wooden rods or slats. It is advisable to place them in more sheltered areas, without much traffic, even to achieve greater privacy on balconies.

Due to their lightness, they are also widely used as mosquito nets. They are able to provide a rustic or oriental style that makes them ideal for use in pergolas or gazebos.

Ceylon Roller Blind

Halfway between the alicantinas and the mat, this type has thinner slats than the former, but more consistent and rigid than the latter. For this reason, they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

They are able to bring a rustic touch to traditional rooms, although they are capable of imbuing an exotic atmosphere and oriented to more bohemian and carefree spaces.

Aluminium Roller Blinds

This type is virtually maintenance free and highly durable, making them perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

These roller blinds are ideal for offices or offices where you want to bring elegance and create modern and sophisticated spaces where you want to be able to regulate privacy.

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