How to clean your AirPods correctly

To listen to your favorite songs on Spotify or audios on WhatsApp from friends, AirPods – Apple’s headphones – are for many the undisputed pair to their mobile phone.

Thus Cleaning them correctly and disinfecting them after continued use is very important. However, it must be done well if you want to avoid causing any malfunctions in its operation.

Stay because here we tell you the best way to clean your devices following the company’s own recommendations.

How to clean AirPods

Both AirPods and AirPods Pro can be cleaned by following these instructions:

-To start, get the following materials: a soft cloth, some dry cotton swabs and a little water. You can also use a toothbrush or some type of small soft-bristled brush to access smaller gaps.

-Take the dry, lint-free cloth and moisten it slightly in water.

-Next, clean the external areas of the AirPods. Make sure no water gets into the openings.

-Next, clean the speaker grills with a dry cotton swab. You may have to remove excess wax that has accumulated here due to natural segregation.

-You can also use a wipe soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol or 75% ethyl alcohol, or Clorox disinfectant wipes. Of course, in the same way, do not use them to clean the speaker grill of the headphones.

-Let them dry completely before placing them in the charging case.

-Do not use them until they have dried completely.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

-Never put AirPods under water.

-Do not use sharp objects to clean the delicate areas of the headphones.

-Do not use products that may cause damage to the device, such as soaps, shampoo, fabric softeners, lotions, solvents, detergents, sunscreens, dyes… It is important not to use products that contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

This is how you can clean the AirPods Pro pads

If you are cleaning AirPods Pro, you can clean the pads separately:

-Remove the ear tips from each AirPod.

-Rinse them with a little water. Remember not to use soaps or other cleaning products.

-Dry the pads with a soft, lint-free cloth that is not wet.

-Let the pads dry completely before replacing them.

-Once dry, replace them in the corresponding headphones and make sure you do it correctly, keep in mind that their shape is oval.

How to clean the AirPods case

The charging case of both models can be cleaned by following these steps:

-Take a soft cloth and start by cleaning the external area of ​​the case. If needed, you can dampen the cloth in isopropyl alcohol for a deeper clean. Don’t forget not to use abrasive materials and make sure that no liquid enters the charging port.

-Remove any debris that has accumulated on the Lightning connector with a dry, soft-bristled brush.

-Do not insert anything into the charging ports to avoid damaging the metal contacts.

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