How to clear Alexa search history

Alexa smart speaker
Alexa is one of the most powerful voice assistants.developed by Amazon and compatible with different devices and applications. At the beginning, it only worked with Amazon speakers, but its development evolved and today it stands up to Siri and Google Assistant. If you use Alexa on a regular basis, it is good to know how to delete the search history. This way you can remove any trace of the requests you make to her. The experience is similar to setting up Siri on iPhone or Google Assistant.

Control your devices using voice commands with Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

Amazon’s proposal is activated when we name the assistant.and stores information and data about the user’s interests and searches. If you want to take care of your privacy and delete the information stored in Alexa so far, the process is quite simple.

Steps to delete Alexa search history.

For clear Alexa search historyIn this case, you can use the application itself on cell phones or the web platform. Both options allow a fast and intuitive management of the information, to safeguard our privacy and our experience of use through the commands made.

From the mobile application, whether on Android or iOS, the user must follow these indications:

-Open the Alexa app on the phone.
-Press the button on the bottom right corner.
-In the new window select the Activity menu.
-In the Activity and Voice History menus all the information related to the use of the app is saved. Both menus include the option of global or specific deletion of terms and searches.
-It is also possible to choose deletion of searches in a specific date range.

How to delete Alexa history from computer.

If you want to perform Alexa history cleanup from the computer, the steps are a bit simpler and faster. Thanks to a much more straightforward interface and associated with Amazon’s experience with online platforms.

-Open the Amazon Alexa web page.
-Enter the Privacy panel.
-Select Review Digital Home device history in the left column.
-The search and activity log will appear sorted by date and up to 30 days.
-Press the Manage my data option of Digital Home – Device History and Digital Home – Spot delete all history.

Automatic deletion of Alexa history

Finally, there is the option to clear Alexa history automatically. Data and content can be set to be saved for a time ranging from 18 to 3 three months. While Amazon warns that the Alexa experience may be affected by clearing the history, it is a way to protect your privacy.

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