How to clear Google Play Store history

Google Play Store Tricks

While it is convenient for the Android virtual store to keep track of your searches and uninstalled applications, for some users it may not be so convenient. For those cases there is the option of clear Google Play Store history.

However, deleting the Google Play Store history is not a function that can be achieved with the naked eye. Worse yet, there isn’t even a way to pause or disable it. But don’t worry, because here you will learn how to delete search and download history manually.

How to delete your search history in the Google Play Store

As it is not an action that can be applied automatically, emptying the registry of searches and uninstalled apps from the Google Play Store in the way that we will explain to you shortly can be classified as one of the best Google Play Store tricks.

That said, we remind you that to delete your history you will need your mobile phone, since the procedure cannot be done from the web version of the application store. Now, these are the instructions you must follow to delete the search log:

– Open the Google Play Store application on your smartphone or tablet.

– Tap your profile picture icon in the upper right corner.

– In the drop-down menu, enter the “Settings” section.

– Select the “General” tab and then “Account and Device Preferences”.

– Go down the list of options until you find the “History” section.

– Now, click on “Clear device search history”.

– Finally, tap the “Clear history” option. That’s it, with this there will be no trace of your previous searches.

How to clear download history in Google Play Store

As with searches, the Google Play Store also keeps a history of apps you’ve uninstalled. This is a useful feature that will allow you to avoid having to search again for any application you want to reinstall.

However, in said download history there will also be those apps that don’t exactly make you feel proud. That is why we will explain how to delete it, since it cannot be deactivated either:

– Within the Google Play Store application, tap your profile icon.

– Next, tap the “Manage apps and devices” tab.

– Then, enter the “Manage” section. There you can see the list of installed applications.

– So, in order to view the list of uninstalled apps you must press the “Installed” button and then change to “Not installed”.

– At this point you will notice that there is no option to delete all history, so you will have to select the box corresponding to each item you want to delete.

– Finally, when you have made your selection, press the trash icon in the upper right corner and permanently delete all those apps that you once had installed.

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