How to clear the Internet browser cache

Browser information tracking

Temporary files that are generated in Internet browsers can end up involving a problem for the proper functioning of the devicewhether it is a computer (desktop or desktop) or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Cached web data improves browsing but can slow down device performance

But it is not always easy to clear that pile of data that takes up space in the storage memory and can reach slow down the operation of the device. In such cases it is imperative to tackle cache clearing, but each of the different browsers has its peculiarities and requires a different procedure to achieve this, as we will see below.

-Chrome: After clicking on the icon with the three dots located at the top right of the Google browser you have to follow the path “More tools – Clear browsing data” (in the desktop version) or “Settings – Privacy and security – Clear browsing data” in the mobile version. Once you have checked the box to select the cached images, everything will be deleted after confirming by clicking on the “Clear data” button.

Additionally you can set the deletion chronologically through the utility that allows you to set the time from which to proceed with the deletion of the cached data. Even data for a specific website can be deleted via the path “Select settings – Privacy and security – Cookies and other website data” by specifying in the upper right corner the address of the specific website whose data is to be deleted from the cache.

-Safari: Apple’s browser facilitates the complete deletion of all browsing data (cache, browsing history and cookies) in a single step. Simply access the “Safari – Clear history” path and select the period to be affected by the cleaning from among four possible options (last hour, today, today and yesterday, all history). To do this on iPhone/iPad, access the Bookmarks section at the bottom of the screen and select the History icon (the one in the shape of a clock).

Clicking on the “Clear” button selects the time range. If you want to delete data from a specific website, follow the path “Safari – Preferences – Privacy – Manage website data”. In this section you will see a list of web pages whose data is stored in the browser cache and can be deleted individually or as a block.

-Edge: Microsoft’s browser has different methods of clearing the cache depending on whether it is the desktop version or the one intended for mobile devices. In the case of the desktop version must be accessed through the icon at the top right with three dots and from there follow the route “Settings – Privacy, search and services”, where you will have to scroll through the menu to the option “Clear browsing data”, being able to select the data you want to delete, such as images, in addition to setting a range of dates in which to delete such information (last hour, last 24 hours, last 4 weeks, all).

If you want to delete the data of a specific website you will have to follow the route “Settings – Cookies and permissions – Manage and delete cookies and website data”. From there a list appears with the web pages whose data has been stored in the cache in order to select the one from which you want to delete the data. In the case of mobile devices, access is via the icon with the three dots and access via the route “Settings – Privacy and security – Clear browsing data”, making sure to mark the images for deletion, also being able to select a time range for deletion of the stored data.

-Firefox: The Mozilla browser has the option of deleting the cache through the route “Settings – Privacy and security – Cookies and website data” where you will have to check the option “Cached web content”, and you can also check the option related to cookies and other information from a website. You can also delete the data stored in the cache from a specific website through the path “Firefox – Preferences – Privacy and security – Cookies and website data”, where you can browse the list of web pages by selecting the one you want to delete.

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