How to configure Out of Office in Gmail and Outlook

With the prospect of vacation, many will use the summer break to disconnect from work and forget about answering e-mails for a few days or weeks, among other things. However, this can lead to an unpleasant surprise when the reinstatement arrives in office: a flood of pending mail.

An automated email with a message such as “I’m out of the office” notifies the contacts that they are away on vacation

Gmail and Outlook have their respective mechanisms for creating a automatic reply by email to notify the contacts of the absence when the mailbox receives an email. In this article we will tell you how you can now “get out of the office” while on vacation.

How to set the vacation notice in Gmail

When accessing the settings menu via the gear icon, the option is selected Show all settings – automatic replywhere the Auto Answer On option is selected.

Here you can specify the period in which the automatic reply is sent and the content of the message in which you are notified of your absence.

In the corresponding box, you can tick whether the reply should be sent to all senders or only to those who are already in the contact list.

If you have a company or institution Gmail account, you can choose whether the automatic reply is sent to all senders or only to those from the same organization.

Gmail will only send the auto-reply the first time you send an email, unless the same sender resends an email after four days (and the auto-reply hasn’t been disconnected). If the automatic reply is changed, it will also be sent to any sender of an incoming email.

How to set the “Out of Office” in Outlook

In the File menu, you may or may not see the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) option, depending on the version of Outlook. In this second case, it would be necessary to enable the rules for sending this type of message via the “Slow and Disabled CDM Add-Ons” menu. In Outlook 2007, you must access it through the Out of Office Tools Assistant.

Once you are in the Automatic Replies option, you need to select Send automatic replies. Here you can set a date range on which this automatic reply, which indicates absence from work, will take place.

The eyelash Within my organization Here you can set the automatic message sent to each sender to indicate absence, which can include information about the date of your return to work or even an alternate email address or cell phone number for emergencies. This tab is also used to choose who the message will be sent to, whether it’s just other members of the same organization or anyone else who sends an email.

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