How to connect a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to a computer

Connecting the Nintendo Switch Pro to the computer

Controllers are extremely comfortable to play all kinds of video games, especially racing, fighting and sports genres, among others. The good news is that you can employ the controller you like the most on your computer without many complications, as is the case of the Xbox controller, whose way of being connected we explained to you a few days ago. But that’s not the only option, since you can also do it with a nintendo Switch Pro controllerone of the most efficient on the market.

It is easy to play any title thanks to the comfort and ease of use provided by the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Having a good controller is essential, and the Switch Pro controller knows this very well. Therefore, it stands out for being very resistant, it feels good when playing, the directional pad is one of the best and the motion and vibration sensors are top notch. Best of all, it can be paired via Bluetooth. So, if you want to make it the ultimate controller for your computer, here’s what to do.

how to connect a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC?

– Connect the Pro Controller cable (or any USB-A to USB-C cable) to the controller.

– Splice the other end of the cable to the computer.

– This is the simplest method, the system will recognize the controller as “Pro Controller” and then configure with Steam or your preferred video game platform.

Making a wireless connection

– The controller will need to be charged to prevent it from shutting down in the process. Press and hold the sync button on the top of the gamepad. When the lights start flashing, it is time to release the button.

– Open the system menu of your PC and right click on the Bluetooth icon.

– Select “Add Bluetooth device”.

– Choose “Add Bluetooth or other device”.

– Click “Bluetooth.”

– The “Pro Controller” will appear in the list of available devices. Choose it to pair with the computer.

– End of procedure, let’s play!

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