How to connect two computers to a single monitor

Connect two computers to a single monitor It is possible with the use of a very simple and affordable accessory. Furthermore, in the following guide you will see that this method is also viable with other combinations, that is: there should not be, precisely, two computers that you connect to the external screen. Of course, the only detail that you should take into account is that both devices have a video and audio output through an HDMI connection.

Step by step to connect two computers to one screen

You won't need to use many cables. You should also not connect or disconnect the equipment to use it with the monitor or external screen; You only have to press a button to exchange equipment and the screen will show the desktop of the computer you select.

Before knowing what accessory it is, you should know that there are two different versions: one with which you can only control the computers, while the second option also offers you the possibility of connecting a keyboard and a mouse to use them with both computers.

HDMI switch to connect two computers to one monitor

Dual video input HDMI switch

The first of the options that you will find on the market are the well-known Switch –or switch–. These small devices allow you to connect two computers to a single monitor. Typically, you will have a small device – the size of a matchbox – that, on one side, will have an HDMI output port and, on the other hand, two HDMI input ports.

In the first port, as you may have already guessed, you will connect the monitor, while in the other two the two computers will be connected.

Once all the equipment is connected, the only thing you will have to do is change the input equipment using the small button –switch– that is usually located at the top. Additionally, depending on the model, you will have LED indicators to tell you which of the two devices is the one shown on the screen.

This action is usually done manually. However, depending on the model you purchase, there are switches that come with a remote control. And this has a reason. These accessories can be used, not only for computers, but also for other equipment such as video game consoles, sticks with Android TV or a tablet. Therefore, if you are going to use this switch in your living room, the remote control will be much more convenient to change equipment.

Now, as its name indicates, it is not a duplicator, nor will it allow you to display both devices simultaneously on the screen. The prices of these accessories are usually around 10-20 euros.

Switch or KVM switch with which to add a keyboard and mouse for common use

KVM switch for two computers and one monitor

The second option that the market offers you to be able to connect two computers with a single screen are KVM switches or Keyboard Video Mouse (video mouse keyboard). This solution is ideal if the two devices you want to connect to the screen are computers. Because? Because you can control them with a single keyboard and mouse that will also be connected to the switch.

But before deciding on these models, keep in mind that you will need more cables; They are more expensive accessories and are not designed to connect a console or an Apple TV, for example.

Now, if there are two computers, being able to operate them with a single set of mouse and keyboard will make your work table tidier and your workflow much more fluid.

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