How to connect your cell phone to your TV

Connecting your cell phone to your TV is a great way to view your favorite content on a larger scale! Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or streaming music, this easy connection allows you to take advantage of the full potential of your devices. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and soon your cell phone and TV will be working beautifully together.

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Viewing photos and videos, enjoying content from streaming platforms, playing games… There are many occasions when the smartphone screen is too small. Fortunately, it is possible to transfer the sound and picture to a larger screen (and with more powerful speakers) like those of the best televisions.

iOS and Android smartphones and tablets can be connected to TVs via cable or wirelessly

That yes, depending on the operating system used by the smartphone there will be two different ways to do it. In addition, two other different methods to send the signal between the two devices: via cable or wirelessly. The possibilities and how to achieve this wirelessly are explained below.

How to connect Android cell phone to TV wirelessly.

In wireless mode Google has two possibilities: Googlecast and Miracast. If you have a Chromecast device or the TV is a SmartTV that has AndroidTV or GoogleTV, it is sufficient to have both devices (TV and smartphone) connected to the same WiFI network.

In addition, you have to activate the quick settings bar of the mobile. Finally, you must select the “Send screen” option, which will replicate on the TV what is displayed on the smartphone.

The Miracast technology, which works in a similar way, is present in Amazon Fire TV Stick devices. In Android mobiles it is no longer included by default from Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

However, there are many manufacturers of terminals that include it in their phones. In this case the activation is through the “Home” button of the Fire TV and the quick settings, activating the Mirror Mode.

How to connect the iPhone to the TV wirelessly.

The iPhone requires that the TV to which the contents are to be sent are compatible with the AirPlay standard or, failing that, that the user has an AppleTV device.

By connecting this to the TV, it not only serves as a home entertainment center (in the style of the Chromecast or Fire TV Stick) but also fulfills the function of wireless link with Apple devices.

In this case the screen replication is done through the quick settings panel and the “Duplicate Screen” option by selecting the device.

Connecting the cell phone to the TV via cable

Finally, both Android and iOS mobiles can be connected via cable to the TV. They usually do so through the HDMI port of the TV, in different ways depending on the other end of the cable.

Android mobiles and tablets usually incorporate the USB-C port, the latter port also incorporated in iPad tablets of the latest generations.

In case you want to connect by cable an iPad of previous generations or an iPhone (while the USB-C port does not reach this terminal) the cable will have to have the Lightning connector.

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