How to connect your console controller for PC use

Even after the arrival of the new generation of consoles, more and more players are opting to switch to PC gamingeither because of the absence of PS5 units (as Xbox Series has managed to stay somewhat more present in the market) or because here we can always combine the best of both platforms.

That’s why today we want to recover one of our guides in which we compiled how to connect the controller of any of our consoles to the computerof both current and previous generation consoles

How to connect the PS4 DualShock 4 controller

The controller for Sony’s current generation of consoles is one of the most recommended options for compatibility with all operating systems. For Windows, Mac and Linux, we only need to connect the controller via a USB cable to start using it.

However, the matter becomes more complicated when it comes to wireless use via Bluetooth. The first thing to do is to deconfigure the PlayStation controller and synchronize it with your computer. To do this, press and hold the Share and PS buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the LED starts flashing white.

In the case of Windows, although the operating system will detect and support the PS4Â controllers without the need to install any additional software, the operating system will detect and support the PS4 driversif you are using DS4Windows, it is highly recommended that you download and use programs such as DS4Windows, which will avoid compatibility problems and allow you to configure the controller.

Something that is not repeated on Mac computers, where PS4 controllers work by default even under a wireless connection as a generic input deviceso it is possible that we may get some bugs or not get to work with some games, or lose some options of the controller such as control via the Touch-Pad.

But the worst part is taken by Linux users, where this controller  may experience problems with some Steam games when using it in wireless mode, forcing us to connect via USB. However, as with Windows, there are other easy-to-use software options such as DS4dvr, which will allow us to access the controller settings.

DS4Windows How to connect the PS4 controller to the PC

How to connect your PS5 DualSense controller

Connecting the DualSense to PC will be equally simple, allowing both wired and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. Although it is worth noting that we will not have any of the controller’s special functionality on the consolelosing advantages such as the adaptive triggers.

Starting with the wired connection, we will only need to a USB-C cable for the controller side, with both USB-A or USB-C outputs for the PC end. Once connected, the PC will automatically detect it as a generic gamepad and you will be able to use it normally.

As for wireless connectivity, we will only need our PC to have an integrated Bluetooth receiver, or use a compatible USB receiver (recommended Bluetooth 5.0 or higher). To connect, we will follow the same method as the DualShock, holding down the central PS button on the controller at the same time as the “Create” button for about three seconds until the light bar on the controller starts flashing.

You must then open the Bluetooth settings on your computer and select the wireless controller when it appears among the detected devices; and if it asks for a pairing code, enter the generic factory code: four zeroes (0000).

How to connect the Xbox Series and Xbox One controller

As expected, Microsoft’s controllers show full compatibility for Windows computersyou only have to connect them by cable or Bluetooth to have access to all the features of the same. And we can even update the driver firmware from our PC if we use Windows 10.

On the other hand, Mac users will only have support for wireless supportunder a standard, non-customizable configuration. In addition, in order to connect the controller via USB, we will need to install additional software such as 360Controller, which extends the compatibility with the controllers.

Lastly Linux, where for years the kernel has officially supported Xbox One controllers, although under somewhat limited performance.

How to connect the Xbox 360 controller

As of today, Windows maintains support for the Xbox 360 wired controllers by default, although you will need a special USB adapter to be able to use them wirelessly.

A disposable option for Mac userswho will need a custom driver due to problems with kernel extensions, and who will face other problems such as disabled wireless compatibility.

However linux users will be able to use these controllers without too many problemsâ being available in most distributions the Xpad Kernel Driver, and other software tools such as Xboxdrv, which offers greater support as well as several additional configuration options. However, being a previous generation controller, we are likely to encounter out-of-date issues.

Xbox Accessories How to connect your Xbox controller to your PC

How to connect the Nintendo Switch Pro controller

It is about one of the easiest controllers to pair with our PCthis controller will work automatically after connecting it via Bluetooth, both on Windows and macOS computers. However, in case you want to use it on platforms such as Steam, we will have to perform a previous configuration for use in games.

To do this, once the controller is connected to the computer, open the main Steam menu, pull down the top left tab View, and select the options Parameterswhich will open in a new window. From here we will be able to access the options of Commandand select the General settings of the controller.

Although this controller does present a compatibility with Linux equipmentdue to recurring problems with analogs, we will be forced to use configuration tools such as the Dolphin emulator.

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