How to contact AliExpress

Contacting AliExpress is usually a problem, since the Chinese e-commerce company does not expose contact forms at a glance. Talking to the company’s customer service requires a little research to find the channel that works for you to make a complaint or ask for help.

This article will save you all the work because in it you will find all the ways that exist to contact AliExpress easily. This way, if you have any problem with a purchase made in the app, you will resolve it immediately before it is too late.

Ways to contact AliExpress

There are several ways to talk to AliExpress customer support, it is just a matter of selecting the procedure that suits your situation so that you can solve the problem in a matter of a few minutes.

– AliExpress Chat: To use the chat, go to the AliExpress website and go to the “Customer Service” section. In the bottom menu click on “Chat now”. Initially you will chat with a chatbot, but if you cannot resolve the issue, you will be put in touch with an AliExpress agent. The opening hours in Spain are from 09:00 to 21:00.

– Email: There is an email intended to help customers with questions, delayed shipments and any other problem related to AliExpress, the email address is the following: [email protected]. It should be noted that the response time is not immediate, attention may take between one and two business days.

– Social networks: This is one of the best methods enabled because AliExpress is very active on social networks. Not only do they use it as a marketing and advertising channel for the company, but they also answer questions from users through private messages. Currently, you can write to the company on Facebook, Instagram and X. As with email, it may take one or two business days to respond.

– Telephone line: Do not waste time looking for a telephone number, since AliExpress does not have this means available for its user community in Spain. Be wary of the numbers that appear published on certain Internet pages, as they do not correspond to the service.

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