How to contact Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming platform Amazon created in 2006 by the e-commerce giant Amazon exclusive entertainment content. This is a special service for customers of his “Prime” service, which gives them access to the best films and series.

Amazon Prime Video has multiple channels through which you can contact technicians and customer service representatives.

On the other hand, as with any other content platform, there may be payment problems or technical problems that force the user to contact the platform’s customer service. Just as we tell you how to contact Netflix, today we are going to explain how to contact Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video has multiple channels that the user can contact to resolve any issue. With that in mind, Amazon Prime Video has a help page where you can find detailed information on solving the platform’s most common problems.

On this page you will find installation and configuration instructions, solutions to problems with parental controls, content rental and purchase, and problems with broadcasting live events (functionality not yet available in Spain).

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has one too Contact page, in which a contact channel can be selected between e-mail, telephone and chat. This page allows the user to select the reason for contact and preferred channel so that an Amazon Prime technician will contact the user directly.

Amazon Prime Video also offers several Telephone contactsso that users can contact the platform. These phones are toll-free Monday through Friday during office hours (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and the numbers are: 900 803 711 and 900 803 707.

With this in mind, Amazon Prime Video has an office in Spain, so it is also possible to contact them by post, although it is not customary to receive a response through this channel. The address is: Calle Ramírez de Prado, 5, 28045, Madrid.

Amazon Prime Video is finally here present in social networksTherefore, those users who wish to contact the platform can do so by going to the official profiles. With this in mind, they can be found on Facebook as and on Twitter as @Primevideo.

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