How to contact an Amazon seller

Contact Amazon seller

Contact an Amazon seller is a very common need that can arise when you want to know more details about a product, find out if the store ships internationally, and ultimately to be risk-free and complete your online purchase safely.

You can keep track of your Amazon orders by communicating with the seller through the message center.

Sometimes it may even be necessary to contact an Amazon seller if your order has not yet arrived, whether you have requested to receive it at home or at Amazon lockers. Whatever your concern, we’ll explain how to contact the merchant, both before and after the purchase is made.

Contact the seller from the product page.

When buying items in stores from sellers external to Amazon you can contact them by clicking on the “Sold by” link below the “Buy Now” button, which you can find on the product page. Then, you must do the following:

– Click on the seller’s username.

– Once you have been redirected to the merchant’s page, you must choose the “Ask a question” option. This, in turn, will lead you to the merchant’s messaging wizard.

– Now, select the “Item for sale” section and check the product you need to clear questions about.

– Choose one of the query options from the list or click on “Other”. Done, you can now make your query by writing a message in the field provided for this purpose.

Contact us from the order section after you have made your purchase.

This alternative will help you to receive post-purchase assistance:

– Locate the “Returns and Orders” tab on the Amazon homepage, which you can find in the top right corner of your screen, right next to the “Account and Lists” section.

– Browse the list and position yourself on the icon for the item you need help with.

– You can choose “Leave feedback to seller” if your intention is to provide a review about the product, or you can click on “View order details” if you need to make an inquiry.

– A new page will open where you must click on the seller’s name, which you will find in the “Shipping address and payment method” section.

– Now, click on the “Ask a question” tab.

– You will be redirected to the merchant’s messaging wizard, where you will have to choose between the options “An order I have placed” or “An item for sale”. Finally, follow the rest of the instructions on the page and contact the merchant.

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