How to contact Vinted

If you have a problem making a purchase or sale, It will be useful for you to know how to contact Vinted so you can find the best solution to your problem. The platform offers several means of contact to its community of users so that they can resolve any situation.

Below, you will find which channels exist so that you can contact Vinted easily, similar to those of Miravia, Temu or Shein. Thanks to this, in a matter of a few minutes you will resolve any failure efficiently and quickly.

All available means to contact Vinted

– Customer service in the Vinted app: You can talk to an agent in the Vinted app service. Just enter the application with your information and go to the “Help” – “Contact our team” – “Contact us” section. A form will open, fill it out to explain your problem and find a solution.

Depending on your situation, you will have to attach various data, they could ask you for the name of the seller if it is a purchase, payment receipts, screenshots, etc., all in order to provide as much information as possible to overcome the difficulty. successfully.

– Form: On the Vinted website you can find a form ( that is used to explain the problem you are having. When an agent reads your explanation, they will contact you to tell you what to do. In that same section you will find an automated support center that will explain how to sell and buy, what the shipping, payment and refund policy is, etc.

– Email: You can write to the company’s email so they can help you with your situation. However, the response time through this medium is not immediate, it could take between one and two business days. The email is the following: [email protected].

– Social networks: Vinted uses social networks to promote its platform, however, you could get a response or indication to solve any failure. You can find the company on the following networks: Facebook, Instagram and X.

– Phone: It is important that you know that Vinted does not offer any telephone numbers to its user community. Do not trust contacts you find on any website.

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