How to convert an image to SVG format

If you want to convert a photographic file to SVG vector format, in this article you will find a way to do it easily and at no cost. You can do it using an online tool. Attentive.

What is an SVG file

The SVG format (which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector image format that is not very common to use, but can be very beneficial when doing web design. This type of image allows us to offer high quality graphics, weighs very little, is scalable and allows greater definition in small sizes.

It is an open format, based on XML, that works in all web browsers. As it is a compatible standard, its use is very flexible and allows you to use images without a background in a more appropriate way than the .PNG format on many occasions.

In addition, the SVG image format supports CSS styles and is also responsive, so it adapts to the size of all screens.

How to convert any image to an SVG file

If you want to convert a .JPG, .PNG image. with any other format in an SVG file, there is a free online tool that allows you to do it in a matter of seconds.

It is a tool enabled by Adobe (PDF creators) that you can access from the following web address:

convert SVG file

You just have to access it and click on the upload an image button. Thus, select the image from your computer that you want to change to SVG format.

upload svg file

A few seconds will pass while the tool vectorizes the image and refines the edges.

When it is ready, a message will appear indicating that you can now download the image. Click on the button and save the image in the folder you want on your computer or mobile phone.

convert svg file

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