How to convert images to text using OCR technology

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning for text recognition, it is now possible to translate texts in real time or to transcribe the text of an image simply by focusing on it with the mobile camera.

OCR technology was born in the Hewell-Packard laboratories and is currently funded by Google

Optical recognition technology, optical character recognition (OCR)is one of the most famous and widely used digitization tools in the world to convert physical documents into digital documents. OCR is a free software tool that its own repository on Githubso that developers can access it and use it to create their own applications.

The development of OCR began in the Hewell-Packard laboratories And now it is funded by Google and is compatible with all operating systems. The latest version of the tool called Tesseract 4 uses neural networks to Translate images to text and it supports more than a hundred languages.

OCR Tesseract works through command lines. With that in mind, in reality it is not easy to use in this way, although the tool’s official information includes a full user guide and commands. Fortunately, there are some uses that can be used to manage this tool from one application, such as: B. gImageReader.

What is gImageReader?

gImageReader is an application free and free license (GPL 3.0), available for Windows and Linux that can convert images to text. In this sense, when opening an image with text, the tool recognizes the text, extracts it and converts it into a text document, for example in Word.

With this in mind, it is possible to convert text from images within a PDF, from images in different formats and from different devices, even from screenshots or from an image copied to the clipboard.

The following image shows the gImageReader user interface:

In function of the Image resolution qualityText recognition can be done manually or automatically. Once the image is converted to text, it can be formatted or edited to correct grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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