How to convert photos of your ancestors to videos

My Heritage is a web service that generates Family trees and allows you to share information about family and ancestors. Your newest tool for getting the past back is amazing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Deep Nostalgia converts photos of the ancestors into a short video, similar to deepfakes.

Photos of ancestors come to life and become short videos

The process is extremely simple. A single photo of an ancestor is posted on the website and in a matter of seconds the result can be exciting due to its realistic appearance. The ancestor’s face turns, eyes move, blink, smile and shows very natural gestures in a video of a few seconds. And that’s based on a single photo.

Deep Nostalgia can achieve this thanks to an efficient application of artificial intelligence to the image provided. First, an enhancement process is carried out on the photo, which will facilitate the end result and help improve recognition.

The photo is then analyzed to identify the orientation of the face and the key points of its facial features. It is now when these points are applied a pre-recorded video of real people Posing and showing these gestures which then complete the structure of those showing the face of the ancestor whose photo was provided.

In a way, it’s like a skin in a video game that adapts to an earlier structure. In this case, the facial features of the ancestor whose photo was provided are adjusted via the gestures of an actor previously recorded on video. Hence the realism in the gestures, because that’s what it’s about real (and subtle) gestures from real people to which the facial features contained in the image provided are shaped.

My Heritage offers free Deep Nostalgia with Use limited to five photos after registering as a user. It also includes a watermark at the bottom right of the video. Only registering the payment will bypass the watermark and this tool can be used indefinitely.

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