How to copy and paste on Mac computers

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If you are a user of a PC computer with Windows operating system, you may still have doubts as to whether you can switch to Mac without major problems. For years, users have feared that by switching computer operating systems, they would not be able to properly use the programs they used to use.

Switching from Windows to Mac is extremely easy nowadays.

This has been something that, for example, has always dogged the Microsoft Office productivity suite, but now Mac users can use Microsoft’s word processor, Excel spreadsheets and any other Office program without much trouble. Microsoft released the Mac version and they are virtually identical.

But beyond the software you’ll be able to use, which you won’t have a problem with, there are some commands you’ll have to learn if you switch to Mac. Next to the screen capture on Mac, one of the simplest, but also the most useful, is the “cut and paste” command.

On Mac is not done as on PC, and that makes some people who have doubts or do not know how to do it. Well, in this article we will easily explain how to do it so you do not have any problem.

How to copy and paste on Mac

It is very simple, just follow the steps below:

-Select the text you would like to copy. You can do this by highlighting it with the cursor or with the following keyboard shortcut: position the cursor at the beginning of the text and press the “Shift” key while moving with the arrow keys to where you want to copy.

-Press Command + C. On Mac the “Command” key is essential because it gives access to numerous options. If you press it at the same time as the letter “C”, you can use it to copy the text you want to copy. If you prefer, you can press the right mouse button to open the menu over the selected text and scroll down to “Copy”.

If instead of C you press X, instead of copying you would be cutting the text (i.e. it disappears from where it is) and you can paste it wherever you want.

-Position the cursor. Move the cursor to where you want to copy the text you are going to copy. This can be a Word document, the Internet navigation bar or any other place with editable text.

-Press Command + V. Now pressing these two keys will copy the text you have selected to where you have indicated. If you press the key combination Option + Shift + Command + V
you will be able to edit the style of the text you are going to copy (increase its size, the font, etc…).

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