How to “copy and paste” tables and images in Edge browser

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Edge, Microsoft’s browser, has expanded the possibilities of the “copy-paste” function by allowing it to be applied to sections of a web page such as an image, a header or even a table. The special feature is that this action also ensures that the original formatting of the content is respected.

The new function allows you to copy and paste content from a web page using a keyboard shortcut or a pop-up menu activated with the mouse

To achieve this, Edge has included a new option that appears in the menu that pops up when you right-click on the content of a web page. This is the new “Web Select” optionwhich can also be activated by a keyboard shortcut using the following key combination:

Control + Alt + X

Once the option is activated, the content to be copied must be highlighted with the mouse, selecting the whole of what you want to copy while holding down the “+” button.

This makes it possible to acquire content from web pages in a simple way, but which also respects the original format. Until now the copy and paste action was limited to text strings, losing the formatting in case you wanted to copy the contents of a table.

With the new Edge browser, based on Chromium, Microsoft is distancing itself from two previous generations (Internet Explorer and the previous generation of Edge) that failed to meet expectations, hence with the current generation it has reinvented itself from scratch. In this work, it is very important to have taken Chromium as a base, the same base that Google’s Chrome browser has.

In this line of improvement, Microsoft has introduced other improvements in Edge, such as an editor that helps to improve text quality by eliminating grammatical errors.

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