How to count words in Google Docs in real time

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Google Docs now allows users to. know the number of words written in a document. The number is displayed at the bottom left of the interface. Previously, users who wanted to see the number of words had to manually go to the menu and click on “Word count” but now this information will be displayed in a much more accessible way.

If users click on the number, they will be able to see more information about the document

Just like other document software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs updates the numbers in real time. To activate this function, the user just needs to go to the “Tools” option at the top of the window. Once clicked there, just look for the “Show word count while typing” option and click on it. The user can disable this function when he/she does not want to know the number of words at any given moment.

In addition, if the user clicks on the word count figure which, as mentioned, appears in the lower left area of the interface, he can see more information about his document, such as the number of pages that make up the document, words typed, characters with spaces and characters without spaces.

How to view the Google Docs word counter in the browser.

A shortcut is the easiest method you have at your fingertips to activate the word counter. If you are using a Mac, you only need to press ⌘+Shift+C if the computer is Windows, the keys to be pressed are Ctrl+Shift+C. These commands will open a pop-up window where you will see the exact number of words you have typed, as well as the number of pages, characters and unspaced characters.

If you don’t like shortcuts, you can do it from the menu. Go to the menu bar at the top, click on “Tools” and choose “Word count”. In case you want to keep track of the word count while typing, you should select the check box near the bottom left corner of the pop-up dialog box that says “Show word count while typing”.

Extensions and add-ons

There is always the possibility of resorting to a third-party program to have an efficient and convenient solution.

– Word Counter Max: is a complete Workspace Marketplace that serves to set a limit on the word counter, specify the words that should not be taken into account and generate reports.

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– Reverse Word Count: a Chrome extension that performs the function of arranging a word count and countdown as you approach the desired number.

This is not the only new feature that Google has included to its document platform. Last month, the tech firm implemented a new Live Edits feature that helps visually impaired people. This is the Live Edits tool and is designed to allow users to monitor in real time the updates made by document collaborators with traditional screen readers or Braille.

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