How to create a blog on Tumblr easily


Tumblr is a microblogging network focused on publishing content on the Internet. It allows you to create and share different posts and publications of various themes, to attract the public with proposals of the most varied, as well as broadcast live content. It is a completely free and open platform, allowing high levels of customization for the user.

Create content and share through blogs

In order to create your own blog on Tumblr all you have to do is register on the site. The procedure is very intuitive and requires no technical knowledge. In just a few minutes you can start sharing your thoughts and writings with people all over the world. This guide explores the best tips and steps to create a Tumblr blog simply and quickly.

Requirements and steps to create a blog on Tumblr.

For start your own blog on Tumblr you have to enter a valid email account. There you receive the validation messages for registration, after entering data such as age, nickname, name and password. To start attracting your audience, you must select five topics that you will write about in your blog. These topics can be modified after the registration process is completed.

-Customize your blog on Tumblr

While Tumblr blogs have a default template, there are numerous features to customize the experience. From the Customize menu in the top right corner of the homepage, you can modify the theme, blog name, background colors, description and more. There are even alternatives to incorporate header images or insert additional pages.

How to create a blog on Tumblr

The microblogging network Tumblr stands out for generating closeness between authors and their readers. That is why it is advisable to set up a description page with relevant information. In the Customization panel it is possible to select the “Pages” option and there configure personal information.

As it happens in other blogging platforms such as WordPress, from Automatic, also owner of Tumblr, the publishing procedure is simple. Once the post is finished on the Desktop screen, and after incorporating images or illustrations if necessary, just press the publish button. There are also options to share posts from social networks or by sending the content to e-mail.

Tumblr has stood the test of time, and while it is not the most popular blogging platform today, it has a solid user base. Its minimalist and dynamic style helps users explore their own creative capabilities.

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