How to create a Gmail alias, an alternative email address

What is a Gmail alias

The Gmail aliases are alternative email addresses linked to your main account that you can use to send and receive messages. This is a recommended option to protect your Gmail email. Aliases can be used to sign up for different platforms without revealing or sharing your email address.

With aliases you can create multiple Instagram profiles and log in to all of them from the same Gmail account.

Gmail aliases are used to manage your inbox traffic by assigning them to certain senders, just as you would when setting up labels. In this sense, an alias also serves similar functions to those provided by Gmail filters.

There are two types of alternative accounts with aliases. These can be temporary by modifying few elements of the original address, or permanent with a completely different name. Here we will explain how to generate both.

How to set up a permanent Gmail alias

To generate a permanent alias using a completely different email address, you must first have created such a separate email. It is worth mentioning that the alternative email you generate can belong to other platforms such as Outlook or Yahoo. Then follow these steps:

– Log in to your Gmail account and go to “Settings”.

– Go into the “View all settings” section.

– Click on the “Accounts and import” tab.

– Select the “Add another email address” option.

– Fill in the “Name” and “Email address” sections.

– Check that the “Treat as an alias” space has a blue check mark.

– Choose “Next step” and then “Send verification”.

– Go to the other email’s inbox, open the Gmail message and click on the verification link.

– That’s it, you can now change your sender name when composing a message and share your alias with the contacts you consider and on the platforms you want.

Generate a temporary Gmail alias

– Enter the inbox and place the cursor in the search bar.

– Now, select the “Show search options” option.

– Enter an aliased email address in the “To” section. Assuming your real address is “[email protected]”, an option for your alias could be “[email protected]”.

– Click on the “Create filter” button.

– Then enter the “Choose category” tab, choose an option and press the “Create filter” button.

– That’s it, you will now receive messages from the senders you select in your new alias account and you will be able to manage everything from your main email without having to log in again.

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