How to create a mailing list in Gmail

What is a Gmail alias

Create a mailing list in Gmail It will allow you to send the same message to different recipients at the same time. It is an extremely useful technique to avoid sending the same email several times individually or adding contacts one by one.

Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Google’s email service does not have a native function for generating distribution lists. That’s why here you will learn a Gmail trick to do it quickly and easily.

This is how you can create a distribution list in Gmail

Don’t lose sight of this practical and complete guide on how to set up an email distribution list in Gmail, both in the desktop web version and in the mobile app.

From the Gmail website

Before you start, you must schedule contacts in the Google Contacts app. Likewise, you will need to group all the recipients into the same label. Here’s how you can do it:

– Go to the Google Contacts web page.

– Check the checkbox next to each of the contacts to whom you want to send the message(s).

– Click on the “Manage tags” option, which you can find in the upper area of ​​the screen.

– Choose “Create tag” and give it a suitable name.

Now follow these steps to send the message:

– Go to your Gmail inbox.

– Press the “Compose” button that appears at the bottom

– In the “To” field, enter the name of the label with which you cataloged all the contacts to whom you want to send the email and press Enter.

– Compose the message and press “Send”.

From the Gmail mobile app

The following explanation Applies to the Gmail app, both on Android and iOS:

– If you do not have the Google Contacts application, you will need to download and install it. Failing that, you can open the web version, as we mentioned in the previous step by step.

– Once you enter Google Contacts, long press the first recipient you will add to the tag and then select the rest.

– Press the three-dot button in the upper right corner.

– Select the “Add to tag” option.

– Give the label a name.

Now follow these steps to compose the message you want to send:

– Return to the main Google Contacts screen and tap the three dots icon.

– Select the tag you created, which should appear under the “Tags” header.

– Once inside the label, press the three-dot symbol and then tap the “Send Email” tab.

– Done, now you will see the screen for composing a new email. You will not need to search for the contacts label because it will be added automatically.

– Now, all you have to do is write the message and send it.

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