How to create a new Google account

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Google covers a lot of functions that are extremely useful, such is the case of downloading maps in Maps without Internet connection, implementation of voice commands in Google Assistant to make your life easier and much more.

Creating a Google account is quick and easy, and can be done from mobile.

Now, to have access to such functions, it is vital to have a Google account. Or several, if you wish, because in this article we will explain how to create one new Google account, whether you have one already or not.

Here we will give you the complete procedure to sign up and get your account in the easiest way possible. Just follow the steps below and that will be all, it will only take you a couple of minutes.

how to make a new Google account?

Before you start, it is important for you to know that having a Google account will give you many benefits. You will automatically synchronize data, you will access Google Play Store, the Chrome browser will have your preferred settings on both computer and mobile and more.

As for the requirements, you will have to be 13 years old or older and for that you will be asked to attach specific information to verify your data, which is essential for the security of the account. Knowing this, let’s start with the tutorial.

– Take your mobile and go to “Settings” – “Accounts and backup” – “Manage accounts”.

– Scroll down and click on “Add account”. In the list you will see, select “Google”. If you have a security password, enter it to unlock the phone.

– You will now be at the login screen, tap on “Create account” and then choose “For me” from the drop down menu.

– Enter your personal information and click “Next”.

– At this point, choose a Gmail address based on your name. Click “Next”.

– To make the new Google account secure, generate a strong password and add your cell phone number. After this step, click on “Yes, I’m in”.

– Read the terms and conditions of the service and click on “I accept” to conclude the configuration process.

That’s it, now you are ready to enjoy all the services and features offered by Google.

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