How to create a QR code for Google Docs

Sharing Google Docs with a QR code

The QR code (quick response code) has the ability to store all kinds of information. It can contain plain text, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, app links, payment data and much more. Logically, it is also capable of redirecting to any type of document and this is where Google Docs comes into play to make things easier.

A QR code allows you to access a document in a matter of seconds by simply scanning the generated code.

Thus, the best option currently available for file sharing is the QR code. It is very easy to use and any cell phone on the market has a camera available for scanning, it will not even be necessary to use email. Therefore, we will shortly tell you how to share Google Docs using a QR code.

QR code for Google Docs

There are two ways to produce the code, both are equally useful and effective.

As a web page: Google Docs allows you to generate a code as if it were a web portal. While in Docs, left-click on the “Share” option in the search bar, distinguished by an arrow icon pointing to the right.

There a drop-down menu will open, choose “Create QR code”. Now, download the code by clicking on “Download”. You can also print it, paste it into other documents, send it by mail, post it on social networks, etc.

-Use the toolbar. Log into Docs and right click on the toolbar (the one above the document) to enable the popup menu. You will see the option “Create QR code for this page”, it is distinguished by a square icon, click on it. Finally, download the document code or share it where you want it to be scanned.

As you have observed, the procedure to produce the code is very simple, the options are at hand. Best of all, when you share the file, only the text of the document is sent and nothing else, there will be no personal information attached.

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