How to create a temporary e-mail address

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The e-mail address is one of the most common ways to send and receive information, but its tremendous usefulness is not without risk. It can suppose the entrance of threats, malware, swindles… or simply of annoying messages or spam.

A temporary email address allows you to use it in an accessory way without leaving a trace of the address of main use.

An effective strategy to protect personal data online is to make use of. temporary e-mail addresses. These addresses offer the possibility to use an e-mail address temporarily, without leaving a trace of the main e-mail address.

Temporary e-mail addresses are, as the name suggests, e-mail addresses that are used for a limited period of time or else. for a specific purpose. Unlike the main mailing address, which is usually permanent, these temporary addresses are created for short-term use and are discarded after a certain time or when they have already been used for a specific purpose.

Where to create a temporary email address

Creating temporary email addresses is simple and there are several options available. In fact there are several websites that offer the service of generating temporary addresses:


-Internxt Free Temporary Email

-Temporary Mail

-Temp Mail




All you need to do is log in to any of these services and follow the steps. Most of these sites offer shared addresses, which means that anyone can access your inboxes without a password.

How to use a temporary email address

To use a temporary address simply choose one of the options available on these websites and save it. No registration or personal information is required.

Once a temporary address has been obtained it can be used in the same way. as if it were a normal e-mail address. You can receive, send and reply to e-mails from this address without any problem.

The main advantage is that these addresses cannot be easily linked to the user’s online or social media profiles, thus protecting their privacy.

In addition, many of these temporary addresses automatically delete received emails after a set period of time, usually a few days or weeks.

What is a temporary email account used for?

There are two main strategies for keeping online privacy safe using temporary email addresses:

-Create a permanent address to receive spam: A permanent email address can be maintained that is used specifically for receiving unwanted mail or registering for web sites that may generate spam. This helps to keep your main mail clean and protected from unwanted messages.

-Use temporary mail addresses: The second strategy involves the use of automatically generated temporary email addresses. These addresses, which are usually random and combinations of letters and numbers, are used for specific purposes and do not require a password to access them. They can be perfect for registering for websites or services without tying them to personal identity or primary email.

Other ways to protect online privacy

In addition to temporary email addresses there are other strategies for protecting online privacy that can also be implemented both as an alternative and in addition to the aforementioned temporary email addresses.

For example users of Apple devices and accounts with iCloud+, the paid version of Apple’s Cloud (which can also work for Google users), can use the feature. “Hide my email.” to protect your primary email address. This function automatically unlinks the user’s real address from the one provided to online services when registering or logging in.

For Firefox browser users, Mozilla has created an extension called Firefox Relay designed to combat spam and protect privacy. This extension allows the user’s email address to be hidden or masked to avoid association with specific websites.

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