How to create a WikiPedia page

How to create a Wikipedia cover page

Wikipedia’s principle reads: “user-to-user”, this means that any article that appears in this public online encyclopedia is created by the users themselves. Moreover, these articles are open and collaborative, which means that they are extended with the knowledge of other users.

All content on Wikipedia is created by the users themselves, allowing them to take advantage of the platform’s visibility.

In addition, Wikipedia pages tend to always appear among the first results of Google search pages, which means that they are a good space to benefit from, especially if we are able to “earn” a link or a mention within one of them. Many companies create articles and pages on Wikipedia, as this is a great way to gain visibility and improve a website’s SEO.

Create a Wikipedia page

The process of creating a page on Wikipedia is very simple, first of all, simply go to the Wikipedia home page or front page and create an accountfrom the “Create an account” option at the top right.

To create an account simply enter a username and password, enter the CAPTCHA code to verify the account, and select “Create User Account”.

You can now create your Wikipedia page. However, before doing so you must check that nothing exists on the topic. To do this, you can search for the topic in the search engine, if there is no information you can create your own page. In case it already exists, you can review it and, if you think there is missing information, you can expand it.

In case nothing exists, you can already click on the “Create” option. In this sense, it is necessary to comply with the criteria of relevance predetermined by Wikipedia, these rules reflect what is considered relevant or not, any topic that is not considered as such, will be deleted.

Once it has been decided that the topic is relevant, it will be necessary to conduct research as broad and deep as possible on the subject. At this point, it is important to verify the content and that the sources of information are reliable, since all of them should be mentioned in the article.

All registered users can write or edit any page on Wikipedida. However, it is necessary to become familiar with the editor. If you have questions about how it works or about the best wording for a Wikipedia page, it is possible to consult the article writing wizard.

In this regard, it is important that the article is well written, without spelling mistakesand that it is easy to read and understand. In the “Structure of an article” tab of the wizard it is possible to find information on the structure requirements and some stylistic notes that can be very helpful, as well as guidance on inappropriate expressions.

Once you have written the page, click on “Save article” to publish it. However, before publishing, it is advisable to use the “Show preview” option to preview the structure and review the content before publishing. Once finished, click on “Save article”.

Before being published, the article will be reviewed by Wikipedia who will check that everything is OK and that there are no problems or defects. If improvements are needed, Wikipedia sends a notification with suggestions for improvements that should be resolved as quickly as possible or the contribution will be removed. If everything is fine, you will receive an automatic notification when the article has been published.

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