How to create an Amazon wish list

Creating an Amazon Wish List is a great way to easily manage items you want to receive or buy in the future. Whether it’s a birthday gift or something on a wishlist to keep track of, Amazon’s easy to use Wish Lists make it a breeze to quickly add a new item or purchase something already on the list. Let’s explore the steps on how to create and manage an Amazon Wish List.

How to create an Amazon wish list

Create Amazon wish lists is a good alternative to keep track of those items you are planning to purchase soon. It is a very useful option both to make regular purchases and to organize your purchases on special dates, for example, the arrival of Christmas. In addition, with wish lists you can save time and money, especially if you intend to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day offers.

Amazon wish lists can be modified and shared for your contacts to edit.

Luckily, making Amazon wish lists is extremely easy and you can do it from your computer or mobile. You’ll find that having all your items in one place makes it easier to pay all at once with Amazon Pay, if you so choose.

With the following guide you will not only learn how to organize a wish list on Amazon, but you will also know how to share it and add new items to an existing list.

Create Amazon wish lists on your computer

– Log in to the Amazon website and sign in with your details.

– Locate the “Accounts and lists” button in the upper right corner.

– Click on “Your lists.”

– From the catalog of icons that will be displayed you must choose “Create a list”.

– Generate a name for your list and press the yellow “Create list” button.

Create Amazon wish lists from mobile

– Open the Amazon app from your Android or iOS device.

– Look for the “Profile” button at the bottom area of your screen.

– Click on the “Your lists” option.

– Several icons will appear at the top of the screen. You must tap on the “Create a list” button.

– Type the name of the list and press the yellow “Create list” switch.

Add items to an existing list

– Click on the option to display the details of a product.

– Click on “Add to list” and then select the list where you want to include the item.

Share your wish lists

– Access the wish list you want to share.

– Tap the “Invite” option if you are using mobile or “Send list to others” if you are on PC.

– Select how others will view the list. You can choose to let the contact view and edit the list, so they can add items.

– Choose the sharing method from the default options or choose an external app.

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