How to create an empathic content strategy

Empathy is basically the ability of humans to put themselves in “the shoes of the other person” and to see situations from the perspective of other people. For brands and companies, the Empathy marketing It could be defined as “seeing things from the user’s point of view”.

So it is possible to create empathy in a content strategy in order to reach more people.

This type of marketing allows you to create content and run campaigns that focus on the user, their needs, and their expectations. In this sense, empathy must be real and not be forced to manipulate users, that is, it is based on building trust in an organic way, since this content must be created, going through all stages of the buyer’s journey (customer journey) .

With that in mind, a number of tips can be offered to help create an empathic content strategy:

-Understand the «pain points» of the users: It is important to know what users expect when they consume any of the content and to understand what problem they are trying to solve in the search. To do this, you need to analyze website traffic and find out which pages are visited the most, as well as the most frequently asked questions in comments and on social networks.

-The everyday: One of the best ways to generate empathy is to show that there is a person behind a brand or product. With this in mind, it is an excellent way to generate content when you show the everyday life of your employees or the team behind them.

-Adaptation to the needs of the audience: It is based on learning and adapting from users’ needs. The best examples were found during the pandemic when entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime Video offered free kids’ content for the little ones who were spending the day at home. It is important to identify what users need at all times and adapt quickly to those needs.

– Be interactive: Users are constantly bombarded with new content. Therefore, creating a level of interactivity that gives users a space to participate is a great way to get in touch with them.

-Raising: Data-driven visual content works very well, is very easy for users to understand, and also doesn’t require too much reading and concentration to do so. One way to connect is to create content that not only conveys, but also allows them to better understand the world around them.

-User generated content: A great way to generate empathy is to open up the content to the audience. These types of strategies allow the users to create and share the content themselves.

It’s a “win / win” as brands save time and effort in creating content while users leverage the platform for brand visibility (and brands leverage user visibility as well). Most people enjoy participating and being part of something.

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