How to create and combine emojis with Emoji Kitchen

Apps to make custom emojis

Google allows you to create new emojis by combining two existing ones. For this, it has an online tool called Emoji Kitchen, which can now be accessed from any browser, both from your mobile phone and from your computer. It is therefore not necessary to download any additional application.

With Emoji Kitchen you can select any two emojis from the selection offered by Google. The result will be the creation of a new emoji, without having to use third-party tools to create your own emojis. You can share it on social networks or use it in the messaging app you want.

How to use Emoji Kitchen

These are the steps you have to follow if you want to create new emojis with Emoji Kitchen by combining two others:

-Open the browser on your mobile device or computer and search Google for the term “Emoji Kitchen”.

-A box with emojis will appear on the results page. Look for the “Red Hands” button to start creation mode.

Emoji Kitchen capture

A screen appears showing the creation of the emoji as if it were an addition operation. Two emojis will be displayed here and combined to form a new one.

You can select the two emojis you want to add. If you don’t like the combination, you can delete everything and start from scratch. You can also generate a random combination in which surprising results are sure to occur.

combo emoji maker

Once you have combined the emojis the way you want, press the copy button below the combined emoji. This will copy the newly created new emoji to the device’s clipboard.

-Finally, all you have to do is go to the application or platform in which you want to use the newly created combined emoji. Choose the “paste” option and the emoji will be inserted as an image with a transparent background.

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