How to create B2B content that improves sales

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Content is essential in any SEO and visibility strategy for any business, as it not only drives traffic, but also allows us to attract and convince businessesby converting them into customers.

Content aimed at businesses must be focused on a group of people who are the decision makers, so it can be more complex to do.

However, Business to Business (B2B) targeted content has its own challenges, as it is not about targeting an audience, but in this case we have to target teams and groups of people who will be the decision makers. These groups are often referred to as UTMs (decision making units or UDM for short “Decision-making unit”) and can include different profiles such as a marketing manager or a general manager.

In short, B2B content should be focused on appealing to the group of decision makers, which means it requires more time and effort to start converting. This type of content needs to be more compelling, as a CEO will want to know how we can help them with every detail and our solution will need to fit across all departments, which is a challenge.

So how can we improve B2B content creation to improve sales?

-Know your audience: In this case, it is not enough to know the company or the sector we are targeting, but we should carry out a deeper investigation. To do this, we can take advantage of the information from our sales and customer service teams, since they interact with these profiles on a daily basis. From here, we can make lists of problems that each person in the UTM may have and how we can solve them. Next, we should relate each problem to one (or more) key words.

-Plan keywords: This step is not different from a keyword research for a B2C company. To do this, we have to use all the tools at our disposal and also Google, where we can directly perform searches on the problems we have noted down and make lists with the results for each one, looking at the results of the “autocomplete” function and also of the common questions, as well as related searches.

-Promote content: Contrary to B2C content, social networks are not the best space to promote our content. Beyond LinkedIn, no social network offers a suitable space for our objective. Instead, it is better to create a quality newsletter that allows us to perform an organic promotion by directly reaching the mailboxes of our potential customers. We can also use the content we have already created and recycle it to create “webinars” which are one of the most effective forms of promotion for this type of content.

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