How to create Google News alerts

Google Alerts

Creating alerts in Google News is one of the best methods to stay informed about a topic that is of interest to you or to monitor everything that is published on the Internet about your company or about you.

Google News will allow you to follow a keyword, a sports club, a political party, a specific topic, etc. Every time there is information about it, it will send you an email with a notification and you can be aware of the latest news.

If you don’t want to miss any details, here you will learn how to create news alerts. Follow the next steps:

How to set up alerts on Google

You can do this step by step both on your computer and mobile phone, just follow these steps:

– Go to and log in to your Google account. The system will automatically search your Gmail email to send you notifications.

– Select the search box and clearly type the term you want to search.

Google News

– The platform will show you previews of alerts with search results of your interest.

– Choose “Create alert” so you can start receiving news about the topic you want to keep up to date.

Create news alert on Google

How to customize Google alerts

When generating an alert, you can configure it as you wish by clicking on the pencil-shaped icon. Google will give you several options so that you have multiple sections:

– Frequency: Choose how often you want to receive the information, you can set data in real time, once a day or once a week.

– Sources: If you want to obtain information from specific sources, you can choose if you are only going to use blogs, websites, finance pages, among others.

– Language: It is set by default to English, but you can choose Spanish or any other language you need.

– Region: made to delimit the content you will receive to a specific area, be it a country or a state.

– Amount: Here you can filter the content based on a keyword, topic, sports club, company name, etc.

– Deliver to: Just choose the Google account where you want to receive the news.

Configure news

How to edit a Google alert

– Go to Google Alerts and tap the pencil icon

Customize news

– Review the customization options to modify them as desired and then click “Update alert”

Edit news options

How to delete a Google alert

– Access in Google Alerts

– Click on the trash icon next to the alert

Delete news

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