How to Create Great Posts on Google My Business

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Google My Business is a free tool that Google offers to businesses Position your physical stores and get visibility. The platform offers a digital directory where all information about the company can be displayed to inform customers about data on opening times, address, type of business and the services it advertises.

Here’s how you can create posts on Google My Business that will grab customers’ attention and increase sales.

One of the best ways to position yourself and gain visibility on the platform is to develop specific and high quality content that can be created directly from Google My Business as if it were blog articles. This content generates organic traffic from the Google search engine and can be implemented as part of a content strategy in order to get leads and clicks, to promote a product and service and to increase sales.

Articles appear at the bottom of the Google My Business card that appears in search engines and offer valuable content that can influence user decision making.

Posting is easy, although being aware of the Google My Business content guidelines is handy as any content that violates them will be removed. Content will be removed if it contains URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, images that violate copyright law, or if it is capitalized.

To create the content, simply go to the Google My Business account control panel and select “Create Publication”. The platform has different types of publications and you can choose between “Update on COVID-19”, “Offer”, “News”, “Event” and “Product”. Each for a specific category.

Create a publication in Google My Business

Google My Business contributions can be enriched with Images and videos to illustrate the content. For example, when posting a new product or service, it is always more effective to create a video that shows the product or service in action, even though these videos cannot exceed 30 seconds in length.

These posts are displayed differently in desktop and mobile browsers. Therefore, they cannot be longer than 1,500 words, and longer texts will be displayed truncated on mobile devices. Therefore, the most important information in the content should always appear in the first few paragraphs. With that in mind, hashtags are unusable in these publications, so their use is only to lose disk space.

Unlike other media such as blogs and corporate websites, Google My Business has an average lifespan of seven days. After that, they will no longer be displayed on the business card (with the exception of publications of the type “Update on the” COVID-19 »(30 days old), although they are still available in the Google My Business company profile.

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