How to create more linkable content

Linkbuilding SEO

One of the most complicated parts of SEO is still linkbuilding. Getting a content to be linked by other websites is a costly and complex job, since many factors come into play such as the content qualitythe subject matter, but also certain less objective factors, such as whether or not the content is liked.

Linkbuilding is one of the most complex parts of SEO and the one that requires the most work from users.

However, there are certain actions that can be taken to make any content more attractive to the end user. Here are some tips for creating linkable content:

-Expand your audience: One of the main characteristics of linkable content is that it increases the audience of the website, as it brings visits from other pages. In this sense, it is necessary to create content that is attractive to this new audience, which may have different interests, although slightly close to the subject matter. In this sense, the contents that explain a topic in depth, are the ones that resonate best with these new audiences.

-Relevance: SEOs use tools that measure Domain Authority and Domain Rating before linking. When linking to a content, Google analyzes the link and, if it comes from a domain with a low score or “toxic”, it will reduce visibility. In this sense, it is important to increase the Domain Authority and Domain Rating so that the content is linked by more users.

-Create varied content: There are certain types of content that tend to link more easily. Among these, educational or informational content stands out. This point is important, since getting a link from a governmental or official educational entity is a great boost in visibility and authority of the domain. Resource guides are also a type of article that works very well when it comes to generating links, this type of content is more complicated, as it requires a good knowledge of the sector and must be longer than 2,000 words.

-Solve problems and offer value: For a piece of content to stand out and be linked to by other users, it must provide value, either by solving a problem or teaching something that readers need to learn. This type of content, such as resource guides, are highly appreciated and, if they are properly created, well-developed, extensive and detailed, they tend to attract a good amount of links.

-Use internal links: Placing internal links, will allow users arriving from other web pages, to continue browsing the website from one link to another. These links must serve a purpose (which is to increase the information), so you should not place an internal link at random, but should point to a page whose content is related to the topic being discussed.

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