How to create music with Artificial Intelligence

If you are thinking about composing your own musical creations, you should know that there are many tools to create music with AI on the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence can help you in the creative process. With just the touch of a button you will have a royalty-free musical theme that you can use as a background in your videos or when you create a podcast, you can use it to make a slideshow or to create a video with your best photos.

You just have to explain to the AI ​​what you want through a prompt and it will do all the work for you. In this article I am going to explain how to use Stable Audio, the AI ​​tool we use at TreceBits to add background music to the videos we publish on our YouTube channel. You will see how easy it is:

Steps to create music with Stable Audio AI

By following the following steps, you can create free music with Stable Audio’s Artificial Intelligence, for free and in just a few minutes:

-Access the website and register with your email and choose a password.

-Just create a free account. This will give you 20 credits, enough to generate 10 3-minute long songs, or more pieces if you choose a shorter length. If later, when you have used up the credits, you want to create more songs, you can upgrade to a payment plan.

-You will access the panel where the songs are created. At the top left you will see the text box to enter the prompt. There you can add the instructions you want so that the music is generated.

Stable Audio create royalty-free music

For example, you can indicate the style (if you want it to be rock, pop, a tune, etc.), what instruments you would like to be played, if you want effects (like claps or castanets), etc. Everything you can think of. The more precise the description you make, the more the music created will fit what you are looking for. Of course, you have to do it in English.

-You can see a library of default prompts, with different styles, that can help you decide what music you are looking for and how to write your own prompt, editing the description that comes by default.

generate AI music

-You can also choose the length of the song, with a maximum of three minutes.

-In addition, if you wish, you can add musical elements so that the AI ​​integrates them into its composition, or pays attention to them when making the new creation.

-Finally, click on “Generate” and in a matter of seconds you will have your new theme available. You can download it in MP3 and use it freely in your projects or share it on social platforms with your friends.

stable audio music

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