How to create tab groups in Safari

Apple Safari

Safari, the browser provided by default by Apple on its Mac computers (as well as on its iOS mobile devices) offers the possibility to create tab groupings, so as to simplify Internet browsing when there are many tabs open.

Grouping tabs thematically or by affinities allows you to simplify browsing

For those who turn the Internet into a incessant catalog of open tabs in the browser, there may come a time when chaos takes over the situation. It can even become difficult to switch from one tab to another when there are so many tabs that you can’t even distinguish their names. The dynamic mode in which the small tab displayed at the top of the browser is resized is of no use when many tabs are open.

In order to solve that problem Safari allows organize tabs by grouping them together in such a way that thematic or affinity-related sets can be established, grouping them by sets of pages that are open in the browser. In this way, starting from a tab, a list of web pages created by the user would be available in the Safari browser.

To achieve this, the following steps must be followed:

Safari tabs

-Click on the arrow that displays the tab menu. This is the icon with the downward pointing arrow at the top left next to the side menu icon. This menu offers different possibilities for grouping tabs.

-Select the “New empty tab group” optionwhich allows you to generate a new set of tabs.

-Create a new group and name it. In the sidebar, where the accesses marked as Favorites also appear, a new tab will appear whose name can be customized to identify this new group of tabs. This is where the web pages that are part of the same thematic or affinity group will be placed.

-Select tabs and drag them to the new group. This is the easiest way to add new tabs to a new group, which will make it easier to organize and customize the web pages that you visit the most or that you want to have sorted.

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