How to create your own comics with Artificial Intelligence

AI lists to create your own comics

The best artificial intelligences allow us to carry out a large number of complex tasks, such as programming software or offering tools for education. In addition, they can also serve to offer thousands of hours of entertainment.

With AI you can create all kinds of images, and even develop your own comics. In this article you will find those that are not only capable of editing or creating a photo, but can also offer a structure to start writing your own comic.

Best AI to make your own comic

These are the best Artificial Intelligences that you can find to create your own comics. To access them you just have to go to their website. You can type its name into Google and its URL will appear without any problem. They are the following: To use it you just have to access its website. It has the ability to generate images according to the context of the comic and produce audio tracks for each of the episodes. It is a tool that serves as a support to give life to each of the pages of the comic.

The platform is intuitive, like ChatGPT, you just have to write a prompt to get a result. Each task you do will consume one credit, for registering in the service they give you 30 credits and you receive 15 monthly. If you need more credits, the AI ​​has a recharge package that starts at 12 euros.

comics AI

-AI Comic Factory: The strong point of this AI is comics with a funny tone, but it can also cover other genres.

AI Comic has no limitations of use, you can produce all the scripts or vignettes with dialogue that you want to shape your comic. It also offers some bubble models so you can choose the one that best suits the style you want to print in the story.

Software to generate AI

-Fantoons: It provides a more automatic process, when you enter the platform you will see a panel where you must choose the options that adapt to what you are looking for. You can then use the results to bring a comic to life based on what you got, which could help spark creativity.

The system is free and you can use it without having to pay for it, since it does not require a membership. However, AI results may be limited if you’re looking for more complex features that allow you to fully structure a comic.


-Storywizard.AI: This AI focuses on children’s comics, both the images and the dialogues are adapted to the little ones. The results are detailed and original, so it could be of great help if you want to create a special comic for kids.

The website only offers the possibility of inventing a story for free. To continue using the service, you must acquire a membership, there are several alternatives, the cheapest starts with three comics for 9.5 euros. The subscription also enables the ability to generate a comic with your own photos and download the files in PDF format.

Story AI

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