How to create your own emojis with Artificial Intelligence

How to create custom emojis with artificial intelligence

Tools based on artificial intelligence allow us to unleash our imagination in many ways: creating our own comics or generating images of all kinds, such as a Disney Pixar-type poster. But if you are a fan of emoticons and are always waiting for the arrival of new emojis, you should know that AI can also help you have your own creations.

In this article you will learn to design your own emojis, the graphic element par excellence with which you can communicate your feelings or emotions and that is not missing in WhatsApp conversations or in any social media post. Boost your creativity and design your personalized emojis in just a few minutes by following the following steps.

This is how you can create your own emoji with AI

To create emojis with AI you can use a tool based on artificial intelligence called AI Emojis. It is an open source platform that you can use without paying and as many times as you want.

Something you should keep in mind is that, although this AI creates an image with the shape and size of an emoji, the emojis you normally use are standard for messaging applications or networks, so you can’t add more. However, you can include new stickers. This way, the custom emojis you design can be used as stickers, an even better alternative.

-The first thing you should do is access the web from AI Emoji at

Platform to create emojis with AI

-As you will see, you will find a writing bar in the center. That is where you will write the prompt, the description that the artificial intelligence will use to create the emoji.

-Write a description that is as detailed as possible, but without being too complicated, preferably in English. You can use any idea that comes to mind and include names of famous people or people. For example: “marilyn monroe drinking a soft drink”, as I did in this case. In Spanish, “Marilyn Monroe drinking a soda.”

-When you have it, press enter or on the arrow-shaped icon that appears on the right of the bar.

Steps to create emojis with AI

-Let the AI ​​act for a few seconds. Shortly after, under the writing bar will appear a box with your personalized emoji. Below you can also find emojis similar to yours created by other users.

Create your own emojis with artificial intelligence

-To download the emojis you will only have to click on the downloads icon, the arrow-shaped icon that points down. It is possible that if it is the first time it will ask you to log in with your Gmail account. Once you enter your email, the download will occur directly on your device using a PNG file.

-As we said, a good idea is to convert this emoji into a sticker for WhatsApp so you can use it in your conversations. To do it quickly and easily, you will only have to create your sticker in WhatsApp Web. That way you can share it and save it in your Favorites folder.

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