How to customize gesture control for AirPods

Apple Wireless Headphones

Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones are able to offer the user an experience in which can almost do without operating the mobile phone. With just a few physical taps on the headphones themselves, you can operate a variety of options that make it easy to play songs by eliminating the need to take your iPhone out of your pocket and operate the controls via the touchscreen.

A different gesture can be assigned to each of the two wireless AirPods headphones

Customizing these gesture controls requires accessing the AirPods settings menu from the iPhone. This is done by following the path Settings-Bluetoothwhere you will see a list of devices connected via this wireless technology. Assuming that the AirPods are properly paired with the iPhone, they will appear with the name you have chosen to identify them.

On the right side of it appears a small lowercase letter “i” inside a circle that must be pressed to access the configuration of the various settings that allow the AirPods, as precisely the name, which here can be modified to the user’s liking.

The first option that allows to adjust refers to the action that will cause double-tap each earpieceThe left or right earpiece, as such a gesture may call up different responses:

-Summon siri.

-Play/Pause the playback of the content.

-Next track.

-Previous track.

-Shut down gesture control on your AirPods.

It will be possible to assign only one of these actions to double-tapping on the headset, but a different action can be assigned to each headset, so when using both headphones and depending on the settings made, two different gesture options will be available.

You can also configure here the automatic detection by the headset that it is placed inside the ear as well as the automatic connection to the iPhone from which this configuration is being managed. The latter will automatically send the sound source being played on the iPhone to the AirPods.

For its part, the automatic detection that the headset is inside the ear allows you to activate the function described above and also automatically disable audio playback the moment the headset is no longer inside the ear.

Since the AirPods can be used individually, in the case of custom gesture control settings this will have to be taken into account so that, in case of mostly using one of the two, the most convenient gesture will have to be assigned to it.

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