How to customize Google Chrome background

Customizing the background of your Google Chrome browser is a great way to personalize your online experience. With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of your browser to make it look just how you want it. In this article, we’ll be discussing the process of customizing your Google Chrome background.

Google Chrome background

Google Chrome is not the most widely used browser today just by chance. In addition to Chrome’s new design, its varied customization options are also one of its strongest points. Better yet, changing the appearance of Google’s popular browser is an extremely simple task.

In Google Chrome you can change not only the background of the home screen, but also the theme and colors.

Enough of seeing that boring white background on your computer when you enter Google Chrome as your default browser. With this quick guide you can completely change the face of your browser. You’ll have the option to add custom images or images from the Google store, and even set up a theme and shades that are to your liking.

Here’s how you can customize the background of Google Chrome

– Go into Chrome and click on the “Customize Chrome” button.

– A window will open with several background styles, select the collection that is to your liking.

– Choose an image to set as your default background. Click “Done” to save your changes.

– If you wish, you can activate the “Update Daily” tool to modify the background every day.

– Click on “Done” when you have finished.

Upload an image to use as background

– Login in Chrome and go to “Customize”.

– Click on “Upload from device” and browse your computer for the photo you wish to upload.

– Choose the image and click on “Open” to set it as background.

Change the theme and color

– In the “Customize Chrome settings” pop-up window, enter “Color and theme”.

– Choose your favorite shade and click “Done.”

– If you don’t like the colors that are available, you can create a custom combination.

Now you know how to change the background of Google Chrome in a matter of a couple of minutes. As you can see, this is a simple procedure that will not give you any inconvenience. You can be sure that you will find the combination of shades you have in mind.

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