How to customize the desktop of a Chromebook computer

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Chromebook computers have become hugely popular since the start of the pandemic due to their simplicity of operation and affordability, making them excellent laptops for distance education and telecommuting.

Chromebook laptops run the Chrome OS operating system, based on Google’s Chrome browser

They run on the Chrome OS operating system, based on Google’s Chrome browser, and although they are by far not the most powerful laptops on the market they have conquered a large audience. Like all computers, they allow a certain degree of customization, so that each user can adapt the equipment to their personal tastes and needs.

To do so, the following steps can be followed:

-Set the desktop background: The first step is to click with the right mouse button on any part of the desktop that is not occupied by any icon. A menu will appear in which the option “Set desktop background” must be selected, being able to choose between different proposed images. There is also the possibility of clicking on the “My Images” option, which will allow you to select any image stored in the computer’s memory. There is the possibility of configuring the background to change daily, but only among the system images, for the moment it does not allow selecting this option for your own images.

-Set browser background: Although Chromebook computers can run applications, the browser is the usual center of activity on computers that are primarily designed to work connected to the Web. For this reason, the browser is the core and special attention is paid to it.

One way to customize it is to change its background image. This is achieved by opening a new tab and clicking on the “Customize Chrome” button or on the icon showing a pencil, located in the lower right corner. As with the desktop background, you can select from the images proposed by Chrome OS or you can select your own image stored on your computer. You can also customize the color and theme of the browser as well as the browser borders in the corresponding sections of this same section

-Customize the shortcut menu: At the bottom of the screen on Chromebook computers, a row appears showing various shortcuts to applications or functions. This section can be configured to display icons for whatever the user wants to have quick access to.

To do this, the configuration application for this section must be opened by clicking on the circular icon that appears at the bottom left of the screen and then clicking on the icon that appears showing an arrow pointing upwards. It will be enough to click with the right button of the mouse on any icon of the list that appears to leave it anchored in the selection menu that will remain in the lower part of the desktop.

-Add shortcut to a website: Shortcuts can also consist of a shortcut to a web page, not only to applications. To achieve this, you must first access the website and click on the icon with the three dots that appears at the top right of the Chrome browser. Then in the menu you have to select the options “More tools – Create shortcut”. You can even configure the website to open as if it were an application, eliminating the buttons and menus of a browser window. To do this in the “Create shortcut” menu, select the option “Open as a window”.

-Add/remove icons to the bottom menu: Any icon on the desktop can be placed in the bottom menu by simply clicking on it and dragging it to that location. To remove it, just follow the opposite step.

-Relocate the icon menu: Although by default it appears located at the bottom of the screen, this menu can also be placed on the sides. To do this, right-click anywhere in the icon menu and select “Right” or “Left”. You can also choose, via the automatic hiding optionto hide the menu and display it only when the mouse pointer moves to the place where it is located.

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