How to delete duplicate photos on your cell phone or computer

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If your computer or cell phone memory is starting to show signs of exhaustion, it’s time to clean out your cell phone memory. Although photographs do not usually take up too much spaceif you have a good number of them, and many of them double, in the end it can mean a few megabytes that you could save.

There are a number of free apps that scan your cell phone or computer for duplicate images

There are several reasons why an image may be duplicated in the files on your computer or phone. You may have downloaded it more than once, or it may have been sent to your phone via different WhatsApp chats and the file in question is stored in duplicate.

To remedy this situation, here’s how to delete, either from your phone or your computer, a duplicate photo.

Delete duplicate photos from your cell phone

-Download an app: There are numerous apps, most of them free, that search your phone for duplicate images to remove them. One of them, one of the easiest to use and also free, is Remo Duplicate Photos Remover. It is available on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

-Gallery Access Permission: Once you have downloaded and installed the app you will need to approve a series of permissions so that it can access the gallery of your media files.

-“Scan: After granting the appropriate permissions, open the app’s main menu and click where it says “Scan”. The app will then start scanning your phone’s memory in a process that may take a few minutes.

-Results: After this process concludes the app will show you two different sections. One of them, “Exact”, collects duplicate photos. The other tab, “Similar”, includes those images that, being very similar, are not exactly the same file. Now, you can mark those duplicate photos and then click on the trash can icon to delete them.

Delete duplicate photos in Windows

-Free tools: The Windows operating system supports several apps and extensions aimed at removing duplicate photos. One of the fastest, and also free, is Find.Same.Images.OK, which can be downloaded from this link.

-“Start: Once you have installed it on your PC, open the main screen and click on the “Start” sign. The app will ask you to choose in which folders you want the repeated image search to be performed.

-Delete manually: Now, once the examination process has been completed, all that remains is to delete the duplicate photos. These will be marked in a folder and you will be able to choose the ones you want to delete.

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