How to delete information from Google

There are many reasons for that Delete information from GoogleEither because an article or a website violates intellectual property laws, because it contains incorrect or harmful information for a person or group, because it is out of date information or when a website of its own is the content of poor quality and that you want to replace with another.

Thus it is possible to delete information from Google or to update incorrect information in order to improve the SEO positioning of a page.

Regardless of the reason for removing information from Google, the company provides various methods and channels for users to accomplish this task. Here we review the main ones:

-Remove a link: The first method that is helpful for removing links from a webpage is using the URL Removal Tool in Google Search Console. This makes it possible to ask Google to remove harmful or poor quality links that refer to a website. It’s a very simple tool, but its main drawback is that it doesn’t “remove” the links, but rather hides them temporarily until they are indexed.

-Poor quality content: Usually, one of the main reasons why one page performs worse than the others within a website is its content. With that in mind, if you find a page with poor quality content when you review a website, it is best to update it. To do this, you need to delete the old content and create a new one. If the URL has been changed, an appropriate redirect must be carried out in order to avoid crawling errors.

-Intellectual property: Plagiarism violates Google’s Terms of Service. So if you find your own plagiarized content, you can ask Google to remove it. To do this, there is a section on the Google support page where you can request content removal. This process is easy and quick as Google processes the claim in less than six hours.

-Incorrect metadata: Another common problem concerns metadata. Due to a code bug, Google sometimes misinterprets metadata, resulting in outdated or misplaced meta descriptions. To remove this information, you need to analyze the website’s code and find the error.

-Reindexación: Sometimes after a change is made to a web page, Google takes the time to reflect those changes in the search engine. With that in mind, it is possible to manually request indexing from the Google Search Console so that the data is updated and the wrong information disappears.

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